Monday, October 13, 2008

When You Throw Stones From Glass Houses...

Friday evening, a BIPARTISAN investigation and panel revealed Governor Palin did abuse her power to exert improper influence over the firing of a state employee who would not fire a trooper the Palins did not like. The trooper was a former in-law, who was reportedly abusive to one Palin's family members. Sure, anyone would go similar lengths to avenge a family member. But, do you really want an executive in national power who would use her authority for peronal vendettas? That is the temptation of power that many must overcome. It is like the quote from the film"Spider-Man:" "With great power comes great responsibility." Gov. Palin did not do anything illegal, but she DID violate Alaska's ethics code. But hearing the governor herself, you would think that she has done nothing wrong. What is more frustrating about all this is the fact that Gov. Palin spent all last week (along with Hannity, Coulter, Hasselbeck, and FOX News in general) trashing Obama's judgments and associations with William Ayers. Meanwhile, the economic crisis deepened each day. So while there was a financial crisis, Palin and co. spent the week throwing stones and bringing Ayers and Rev. Wright back to light. And there justifications were that we need to know "who Barack really is." Well, who are you Sarah Palin? It turns out that you are the one who has some explaining to do.

In addition, Gov. Palin was arousing crowds to make racially charged outbursts during her speeches last week. This in turned led to McCain having to calm down his base and stop them from buying into the ignorance that Palin insighted. It seemed as if all of this was happening around McCain. There is definately a disconnect in his camp. The irony is, Palin was brought in to do what she is doing. She is bringing those strong conservatives, Joe Six Packs, and racists rednecks (the ones not for Obama) to the ticket. She was brought in to bring those people over who wouldn't vote for no black man named Obama. They have no regard for issues. They are happy believing that Barack is an Arab terrorist or the antichrist. And let's face it, that allows people to sleep at night knowing that they are not racist, they just are not going to vote for an Arab terrorist for president.

Look if you are not voting for Obama because he is black, just admit it. There are people who are voting for him because he is black, and there are people who are not going to vote for him because he is black. And then there are people in both parties who are simply voting there party, also not giving the issues and platforms a second look.

And this, people, is why the Electoral College picks the president. Every vote DOES count, but the reason why I am not for a pure one person, one vote system is because our country is full of idiots. I am sorry, there is just no other way to put it. They are easily persuaded and manipulated. They allow for the corruption to persist because they do not actually take accountability or control of the government that is supposed to be their democracy. The people should control, not corporations, lobbyists, and those with the biggest bank account.

Oh well...OBAMA 08! And in conclusion, Sarah Palin is awful. LOL!

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Brant said...

Now Twaun, you know that only "true Americans" are voting for McCain. I'm waiting for the appropriate title given to those of us who aren't patriotic, who aren't putting our country first by voting for an "other". Truth, morality, and the essence of the American Dream (i.e. Barack Obama) is becoming un-American. And I guess I'm becoming un-American too, since I will be placing a check by the Obama box on my ballot.