Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They Saved the BEST for Last

This debate has been, by far, the most interesting. Notwithstanding the VP debate, that was clearly a circus, this final presidential debate was substantive and addressed the issues that were important to the American people. They discussed economic issues and policy, education, foreign policy, Supreme Court appointments, and general reform. Sen. McCain brought his A Game, and I thought this was his best debate performance of the three. He was confident, assertive, and he managed to put Obama on the defense. I am not sure who "won" the debate. I don't know if that is an adequate measure. But, McCain was impressive in his complete 360. He wasn't like grandpa up there, he was nearly imposing. It goes to prove the point I made in an earlier post: you can effectively battle it out without sinking to the level of dirty politics that has outlined McCain's campaign. I think had he shown this side prior to tonight, he probably could have picked up more support.

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