Thursday, October 9, 2008

Video Blog: Vote For Obama

These times always draw a line in the sand. They don't have to, but some political figures are so polarizing that it inevitably leads to groups separating and arguing politics. Senator McCain was fine by me. I really gave him credit for taking the high road early on and not really lowering himself to mudslinging and some of blantantly terrible attacks occurring now. Now, in the final days of his campaign, that appears to suffered from the economic crisis, he and his "pitbull" Palin are taking off the gloves in all out last ditch effort to convince America that they should be affraid to vote for Obama, "someone who thinks America is so imperfect that he pals around with domestic terrorists." They want you to believe that he "launched his political career in the living room of a terrorist." They want to convince you in concert with Fox News that Senator Obama is a scary Muslim who doesn't represent your America.

And whose America is that, by the way? Joe Six-Packs? Hockey Moms? Perhaps the Republican Party itself doesn't know its own base as surely fiscal conservatives are not excited about the $840 billion bailout. So perhaps Joe Six-Pack, Hockey Moms, and the evangelical right is all that is left to rally. But Gov. Palin has been walking a fine line lately at her rallies. Her speeches, reportedly, have been arousing people to hateful speech. One observer wrote that a person said "kill Obama" at one of her recent outings. And at the same time, Gov. Palin's defenders will say that she is being unfairly attacked for being a woman and/or Republican. But Gov. Palin is no dainty flower. She has been throwing punches like the good ole boys she claims to go against.

Race matters. But, in the present election, I hope its impact is not the deciding factor. CNN did a segment in which they documented a group of union steel workers for Obama who were going door to door trying to convince people to overlook Obama's race. They said that alot of people would say that they could just not vote for "that black boy," or that "I am not going to vote for him because he is a muslim." I think that "muslim" may be a euphemism for black or something worse. Some of the people in the segment said they believed that people said Muslim because it was more acceptable to say than simply that they won't vote for a black man.

I guess we will see what happens on November 4th!

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