Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dress Like an Aristocrat this Fall (Even though we're in recession)

The above represents some of the best ways you can put your best foot forward. Items 1-5 are all from J.Crew with the rest (6-9) taken from Gap. As always, the above items are classics and can be found at any price range. Moreover, the above looks are here to stay and you can wear them from your late 20s into your 50s. So your money can be well spent in adding some of the above items to your wardrobe.

  1. Trench Coat: Wear it with jeans, khakis, or over a suit. A great fit matters and can make the difference between classic cool and Inspector Gadget.
  2. Cardigan: You will have this classic navy cardigan for years to come. Try to get one that is or more fitted -- you aren't Bill Cosby. Like any other staple item, it can look good with a t-shirt as well as an oxford shirt.
  3. Heavy shawl collar cardigan: Just like the above, but for when it is really cool outside. It's a great sweater to have and it will look good on those days that you just want to throw something on and leave the house (it beats that old sweatshirt you would have worn, right?)
  4. Herringbone blazer: A great fitting blazer will always, always work. Tweed, Wool, and Herringbone blazers look great in the fall. And like everything else on the list, you can wear it with anything.
  5. Knit ties: I have a few of these. They are a great alternative and a great way to dress something up without going all the way corporate.
  6. Leather bomber: Just cool. Too bad we're all broke.
  7. Bootcut trousers: khaki pants and dress trousers aren't all pleated or straight fit.
  8. Scarf: think of it as a tie as well as something practical to provide additional warmth. Don't just throw one on either, look at what you are wearing, and like Mr. Witherspoon said, "coooordinate."
  9. Driving cap: There's a hat for everyone, and it's time to dress like an adult and not a frat boy. Try something new and put down the baseball cap for a day.