Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aristocratic Style: Fall Look for Work

The above is a great look for the office. A grey suit with subtle pinstripes can be worn year round and makes for a great investment. This three-piece version allows for versatility. You can wear it as shown above to work, and you can go without the vest, switch out the tie for a silk solid and you can wear it to one of the hundred southern weddings you will attend this year. You don't have to wear black shoes with a brown suit either. Grey is a neutral color that looks great with brown shoes, or cognac colored wing tip lace-up oxfords like the ones pictured above. You can pair these with bold patterned socks, too. Finally, every professional needs a good briefcase. I tend to like shades of brown and tan, as I wear alot of neutral colors. If you wear dark colors alot (charcoals and black), you may want one in black.

As for the toys, I think Toshiba Satellites are great laptops. They are very reliable and versatile laptops that function for office and in home purposes. However, some people like Macs, but those computers may lack some of the practical functionality that may be more appropriate for your type of work. As for phones, the razor is a great phone for those who just want a phone that can do some cool things (picture and video) without bordering on being a second hand-held computer. I-phones are cool, and seem to be at the cutting edge in their functionality, but they are not everyone's favorite phones. Again, it is all about what works for you. Lastly, the Blackberry is very useful if you work a job that involves receiving tons of email correspondence throughout the day.

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