Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aristocratic Living: The Best Bedroom

It is due in large part to the home I grew up in that I love earth tones. Natural colors and different shades of brown make me think of my childhood and really give me a feeling that I am "at home." The above modern designs both use earth tones very effectively to create a simple design scheme. Platform beds are a modern alternative to the more traditional beds. They come in all sorts of designs and price ranges, and they are actually pretty comfortable if you don't ming being a little closer to the floor. The above designs have tiled floors, so they have used rugs to create breaks in the monochromatic scheme of the floor. With this type of tiling, textured rugs go great to create a little visual interests to a somewhat minimalist design. And for practical purposes of providing warmth so you don't have to walk on a cold floor in the morning. This is definately aristocratic living.

Now, there are little things that we all can do to make our own temporary living seem more like home. As college students (be it undergrad or grad) we tend to rent alot, and thus do not put time into our living space because it is all temporary and it doesn't matter. That may be true for a while, but with the increase intensity of studies, I have found it essential to have a calming place to return to. When I had a lot of roomates, I really didn't care as long as things were just clean. Now that I live alone, I like to come home to something that feels a bit more "like home." One summer, when I was bored, I took some blank canvases (purchased from Wal-Mart), painted them different colors, and positioned them on my wall in the above pattern. I used natural colors, as that reflects my upbringing and placed them in the pattern that looked the best. In my room, I just use the above to cover up the bear walls (which would otherwise make me think of a hospital), but you can also do similar things to create a headboard for your bed too. Your current place may be temporary, but that doesn't mean you can't make it a temporary sanctuary suited to your own personal taste.


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