Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aristorants: Why Play Dirty, Wicker?

Look, I graduated from the Croft Institute at Ole Miss with Senator Wicker's daughter, and I know his son who currently attends the university. I usually don't care about MS politics. I feel like MS is, was, and will be...constantly last to catch on with common sense and evolving standards of decency. That's not to say I don't like my home state. I was born and raised in this state, but man, we have our issues. We have come so far, but we still have much work to do. So, I really was just never moved to get involved with MS politics. However, the latest campaign ad is quite over-the-top.
In the ad, the Wicker Campaign implies Ronnie Musgrove just pours money and support into the coffers of every left wing group on the planet. He has a person giving a briefcase full of money to the Musgrove campaign implying that Musgrove is "pro abortion" (instead of pro choice). He also has two individuals dressed like characters from the 1970s group The Village People who are supposed to represent a human rights group that advocates on behalf of gay and lesbian issues.
The clip is quite cheap and in poor taste. It's not like Musgrove is super popular (I don't think), and I am sure there are plenty of effective ways to attack him rather than stooping to level of dirty politics currently on display in the presidential election. Is there no honor left anywhere? It seems like there is less an emphasis on dignity as there is on sensationalism and outrageous advertising. But of course, maybe I live in la la land and these politicians are just pandering to the abundance of stupidity and ignorance that thrives within this union of states.

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