Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Happened to John McCain?

I don't have anything against John McCain. I don't believe in making personal attacks because I don't know McCain and I don't know Obama on a personal level to make a judgment call relating to their "associations." The recent reaching into the past with linking Ayers to Obama and the Keating Five scandal to McCain have nothing to do with the devastation that is occurring on mainstream as a result of Wall Street's downward spiral. I have made a decision to support Barack Obama because I think that he is the "real" reformer whose economic and social idea are what this country needs to propel it into a scary and uncertain future. There are big challenges ahead and I just don't think the same old same old will do, because that is what has brought us here. But this post is about John McCain...

John McCain is a veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He was a prisoner of war. He has literally served his country in some capacity for the majority of his life. He is not his party's favorite and he has resolve and clearly outlined political platforms. Though his delivery may not be the most riveting, his story is quite moving and he had a potential to take his credentials to deliver a message of hope for the future. But a clear message never resonnated. At some point, I think Senator McCain sold out a bit and sold out to the dark forces (like Karl Rove and other Bush architects). And now with the polls seeming to slant in Obama's favor, he and Palin have taken a turn for dirty politics and smearing in efforts to win.

But who is losing in the process? The economy is in tatters, people are unemployed, and we are all facing uncertain futures, and all we have to discuss is Ayers. Ayers was some hippie radical, but now he is a professor. Are we to hold everyone to who they were when they were in college? No one is that perfect, certainly not McCain and neither was Obama. John McCain has served his country well, and I wish he will finish out this race, regardless of how it turns out, with the class and dignity we expect from him.

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