Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Rise: Brantley Sanderson

There are individuals content with conformity, and then there are those who strive to break the mold. Brantley Sanderson is not content with being just like everyone else and this is evidenced by his various involvements at the University of Mississippi. As a member of the university Multicultural Affairs Programming Support Committee, he spearheads activities and events aimed towards bringing diverse groups together. Brantley is able to vacillate between different groups with ease. He does not do so in vain, but with every encounter, he seeks to come closer to a deeper understanding of the human condition. Though we all want to believe that we can meet individuals without first acknowledging race, Brantley is one of the few individuals I have met whose race was not the first thing to register. It was only after a few months of getting to know him that I realized he was white. He is eager, determined, and always looking beyond his present. If you haven't met him, then you should definately get to know Brantley Sanderson.