Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AristoLife: Indoor Cycling

I have been teaching an indoor cycling class at the university's Turner Center for a couple of years now. I personally never thought that I would ever instruct a high intensity cardio workout. As someone who was a little heavier growing up, I could never run long distances at all. I lifted weights but I never added sufficient cardio training to the routine. In reality, true fitness incorporates strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular training into every workout. So, while I was in Mexico, I really started to do a lot of cardio. I had already began started taking cycling classes before I left, and so I kept that up in Mexico. However, on top of the weight training and cylcing, I had to walk everywhere I went in Mexico. I walked and walked. In addition to the walking, I ate healthier. The authentic Mexican diet is very rich and can be very natural as they often times cook everything from scratch (at least my house mother did) and there is not a lot of processed chemicals. At any rate, I leaned out a lot and have kept up my workouts ever since. I generally believe that a healthy and fit body is prepared to face the world. Regardless of what your career path may be, you cannot do your job justice if you are not "taking care of home." And home begins with you, and it begins with a decision to take control of your personal health and your quality of life. It is to hold yourself accountable and to formulate a plan to help modify your diet and exercise activity (or lack thereof) so that you can live your best life.
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