Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aristocratic Thoughts: Poli-Ticking Me Off

1. The traditional conservative platform has been predicated upon the principles of "small government." Implicitly, this means de-regulation, less government oversight, and by all means never taking money from the rich to fund social iniaitives. Yet, has it not been these traditionally conservative ideals that enabled these financial corporations to plat monopoly with taxpayer's money. And now, that same party (and its present head -- President Bush) have concocted a huge bailout in which we will take taxpayer's money to take to save the economy. Sort of like we have taken huge amounts of taxpayer's money to fight "evil" and "terrorism" in a war, apparently "a mission from God." I believe the Republican paty thinks everybody, including members of their own base, are stupid. Sure, there needs to be a "bailout," but let's not give CEOs a comfy ride. According to conservatives, tax money should not go towards helping individuals, right? Hypocracy is not aristocratic.

2. Now, Sen. McCain, in attempt to put "country first," has suspended his campaign to go back to Washington and help solve the problem. But the fundamentals of the American economy are sound, right? And now, he is for government oversight and regulation. Moreover, Senator McCain has asked to postpone the debate that is scheduled to take place tomorrow night. That's right, the millions Ole Miss has spent will have been for nothing. I don't know why the debate would have to be cancelled unless Congress plans on meeting all night Friday. Shouldn't a president be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. This is Senator Obama's point. And he has said that he will be in Mississippi on Friday for the Debate. Plus, it was actually Obama who first contacted McCain about issuing a joint-statement. Senator McCain took the opportunity to make it seem like he took the higher road. He seems to be caught in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If he suuports Bush's proposed bailout, he loses ground as a maverick and reformer. However, if he doesn't make a grand show of heading back to Washington, then he is not putting country first. I wonder where McCain thinks the money from any bailout would come from? In McCain's plan, he has asserted that he will cut taxes. If anyone thinks that taxes won't go up, they are living in a fool's paradise, especially if this bailout goes through. Also, I happened to catch a little of Fox News yesterday, and there were reports coming from McCain's camp that they think the scheduled first VP debate should be the first presidential debate. After cradling Sarah Palin and continuing to limit her speaking to controlled scenarios, the Republicans again, must believe we are all dumb. They do not let he speak freely or allow the press to ask her questions. The very idea that people would say now that the first VP debate should be the presidential debate is absurd. McCain camp's tactics are so brazenly obvious.

3. Governor Palin went on a tour and continues in her refusal to talk to the press or have any uncontrolled moments with them. Or maybe I should say that she is not being allowed. But of course, that would be sexist wouldn't it? Has there ever been a VP nominee with so much heat surrounding her, so much to answer for, and who has gotten away with not talking about it. And even in the interviews she has had, she comes off nervous, unsure, and in some cases clueless. The Republicans are quick to call sexism at any mention of topics that Palin herself has submitted for public scrutiny. She discusses her experience with the PTA, being a hockey mom, and mother as credible work experience qualifying her for the job. We don't talk about McCain, Biden, or Obama's experience as a father that would qualify them so why do we even discuss Sarah Palin's experience as a mother as credible experience? And even if you were to go down that road, her daughter is pregnant with the baby of some silly teenaged boy. If you were to scrutinize her "mother qualifications," she did not have good judgment. If her parenting skills are synonymous with her policymaking, then she does not teach her kids sex education and demands that if they get pregnant, they should have the baby at all costs. Fortunately, I believe the magic is gone, and people are beginning to re examine her credibility.

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Thomas said...

Good point bro...100% agreed. I'm glad somebody is on the same page as I am.