Sunday, September 28, 2008

AristoEndorsement: Obama for President

The presidential election is upon us, and it is crucial that we have a president in office who can implement innovative ideas and bring a new approach to politics. I believe John McCain represents more of the same and is not prepared to propel us into the future. The economic crisis, our role in the global political system, and the fight against terrorism requires a nuance approach. I disagree with John McCain on a variety of issues. I don't think more trickle down economics is the way to fix the economy. We tried it. Under President Bush, the wealthy received tax cuts, and they received these cuts as the economy continued to decline. It did not prevent the inevitable. Under President Bush (and prior to last week, John McCain shared this traditionally conservative fiscal platform), our financial institutions and corportations operated without regulation and oversight. Thus, they were freely able to play monopoly with taxpayer's money. Now, they want us to fund a $700 billion bailout. That's not very republican. What about traditional principles of a free market and capitalism? It seems pretty hypocritical. When your average citzen makes bad decisions, the government doesn't bail you out. Republicans would argue that this scenario is socialism. However, asking those same people to bailout CEOs is to protect the economy and to try to solve the financial crisis. And therein lies the catch 22 for the republican party. They are having an identity crisis as they are unable to cohesively define their party platform. The Republicans NEED a break, right? It is time for the Democrats to take office. The political pendulum is in the democrats' corner.
I also disagree with John McCain's approach to foreign affairs. This cowboy-no blinking-chase em down to the ends of the Earth attitude cannot be the role of the president in these times. There is a fine line between strength and foolish pride. To suggest that Obama's idea for meeting with our enemies is a bad thing is irresponsible. We have to build up allies and at least working relationships with hostile countries as a means of destroying terrorist cells opperating within those countries. At least if we can come to an accord with some countries, we can get to some terrorist groups. Of course, this will not work in every case, but again, we have tried things one way, and now it is time for a change.
Senator McCain's views on domestic issues are also equally archaic and reflective of the old days. This rhetoric of wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade is ridiculous. I completely disagree with the traditionally conservative stances regarding social issues. I don't think we should legislate from the Bible and I don't think that we should micro manage the moral compasses of American citizens. The freedom of expression and thought are fundamental rights that the government should never infringe upon. How one chooses to express themselves, speak, live their life, or pursue their happiness should not be statutorily regulated when it is not infringing upon the rights of anyone else.
Some people criticize Obama supporters for not really knowing why they support him. Well, I am informed of both candidates' platforms and I have made an educated choice based on reason. After that, yes, there is an undeniable emotional component attached to the notion of our first black president taking office. However, he should be elected because he is the best man for the job. Like Chris Rock said, the first black to do anything was that simply because he or she was better than everybody else. We know their names: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jackie Robinson, Frederick Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, Oprah Winfrey, and now Barack Obama. John McCain and Sarah Palin don not represent change. They offer a similar message that we have heard before. It is time for a change, and we cannot afford four more years of the same policies that have led us to this critical point in history.

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george.arnett said...

right on brotha!
no way, no how, no mccain!