Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beyonce in Washington DC

Last night, after a very long and eventful work day, I took my little cousin into the big city to see Beyonce. I had heard and seen from television performances that she puts on a great show. And it was a quite a spectacle. I was very impressed and felt like I got my money's worth. Unlike many acts today, she can sing and dance. She has got stage presence, charisma, and she just "puts it all out" on the stage floor. She works for her money. I was very impressed, and I feel like she is close to becoming that which she aspires to be: a legend.

I feel like there is a general lack of professionalism among artists today. And however bland it might be in her interviews, Beyonce is professional. She is composed when she needs to be and lets lose when it is appropriate. And where it may seemed contrived with a lesser performer, she makes you feel it, she makes you believe she is a superstar.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has it seen the show, but at one awesome moment, she walks on air...literally. She killed it, and she filled the huge Verizon Center here in DC. And if you hadn't heard, the First Lady brought Sasha and Malia to the show. If you have the opportunity, you should definately check out Beyonce's concert. It is worth the money. You will leave satisfied.

In light of the passing of Michael Jackson, I appreciate Beyonce's showmanship even more. She is a true talent in the same manner of legends before her. I appreciate her contributions to the industry.

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george.arnett said...

i see sasha in exactly six days.
i'm ready!