Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

I wouldn't say I copied the American Express ad idea from a friend, I would say it was "inspired" (you know, like what Beyonce does, lol). Well today is the last day of 2008 and I thought that I would write a little about the year that was. I guess the presidential race was the obvious big story out of 2008. And rightfully so. You couldn't have written a better cast of characters or the ensuing drama. And it seems that Obama, the hero, was propped up to win. And somewhere along the way, Americans started to care about their country. After years of war, recession, and bad news, Obama and Hillary (and even Palin for her part) was something new. So 2008 is even more pivotal because it saw the collapse and fall of the old and the rise of new and the ubiquitous change we want to believe. Wall Street collapsed, the American auto dealers are on the verge of demise, and all that we have know will be history as we face an uncertain future.

And I suppose this would be general feeling at the moment. I don't know what the future has in store for me. But I do feel up for the challenge. I have endured, I have kept up, and I will keep going. As Hillary Clinton said in her speech during the DNC (quoting Harriet Tubman), "When you see the light, keep going! If you hear the dogs barking, keep going! If you want a taste a freedom, KEEP GOING! And so I shall live on, going on into an uncertain future with many new challenges. And so I find my own life running parallel to the country. And it's weird, because I never considered myself a patriot as others consider the term. But for the first time, in my adult life, I have a sense of pride about the country. I am proud to be in a country that could elect a person of color to the highest office. Oftentimes, Americans live in a bubble and do not realize that to be born a person of color puts you at an automatic disadvantage ANYWHERE on Earth. You can hear similar accounts of institutionalized racism and bigotry among minority populations across the globe. So for this country to elect President of color, was a monumental symbol of hope and inspiration to non white children across the Earth. That with alot of integrity, much strength and endurance, and a thunderous drive and tenacity you can achieve anything your mind can conceive. That is the change I believe in, and that is the change I have been striving to become all my life.

It was apparent to me from a very early age that I was different. And after years spent trying to fit in or find a group, the last few years I have found strength and power in my distinction. And I know now that I will never fully fit in, and I would not want it any other way. Because now is the time for people who are different: It's MY time, and my destiny awaits.

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you peace, prosperity, and HOPE for a better tomorrow!

Yours Truly,



The Architect said...

I believe 2009 will you give the platform you need to shine...and your biggest fan can't wait to see what you do with your opportunities!

The CPA Doc said...

2009 is the year of change and the year where we'll get everything that's destined for us....I can't wait for the first road trip to your new home....